‘Straight Pride Parade’ in Boston draws counterprotesters and heavy police presence

A so-called “Straight Pride Parade” in Boston on Saturday drew as many counterprotesters as marchers in addition to a heavy police presence.

The parade, which drew several dozen participants, kicked off at around noon to the sound of Lee Greenwood’s “God Bless the USA” with some floats displaying messages of support for President Donald Trump, with signs such as “build the wall,” “Trump nation” and “Blue Lives Matter.”

It was organized by a group called Super Happy Fun America who say they are “committed to creating spaces for people of all identities to embrace the vibrancy of the straight community.”

Since plans for the event were announced in early June, organizers have come under criticism. Some critics said that parade organizers are white supremacists whose intent was to bait members of the LGBT community in one of America’s most liberal cities.

The planned parade route through downtown Boston alarmed Emerson College President Lee Pelton, who earlier this week sent a campuswide message to students calling the event “a perversion” and a “desecration of beauty, truth and generosity.”

Counterprotesters on Sunday were seen holding signs and rainbow flags along the parade route, separated by barriers.

Boston Police said they were heightening security in the downtown area.